Miracle Mondays – Father Son Time

When I asked Mark how he wanted to spend his Father’s Day, his response was exactly as I predicted: to spend it with my son. And so, the two of them spent most of the day relaxed on the couch watching World Cup soccer together.

“It’s his first jersey!” Mark told me, grinning proudly as he gently placed it over Theo’s head. He will never get the chance to cheer Theo on from the sidelines as he plays his first soccer match but yesterday, that hardly mattered. With Theo in his arms, and World Cup fever in the air, daddy and son cheered on. Nothing brings me more joy than catching those special moments between the two men I love most in life.

Today’s miracle is quality time with father and son for there is no time better spent.



  1. Words can’t tell you how my heart aches for you. I pray that you will be comforted through prayers as we lift you and your family up in prayer.

  2. Love it, Happy Fathers day Mark, that’s what the day is for spending some great alone time with you greatest treasures! P.S. I think I have to drop of a Croatian jersey for dear Theo.

  3. Hello Ashlee and Mark. Thank you for sharing this blog about Theo’s life. He truly is a miracle! May the Lord continue to work in your family as you care for him theses days. You are in the prayers of many here in Harrow!

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