Miracle Mondays – Sparklers and Magic

Today, in celebration of Victoria Day and Theo’s 16 month birthday, we lit the sky with fireworks and reveled in the mesmerizing glow of sparklers!

There’s something undeniably nostalgic about fireworks. Seeing the night sky filled with a breathtaking display of light and colour evokes memories of childhood when summer days were filled with magic and imagination. Even now, I see these vivid sensory displays for their perfect mix of art and chemistry, and marvel at their ability to illuminate and transform the darkness. They add an enchanting dimension to celebratory occasions and their grandeur often leaves us speechless, forcing us to take a minute to appreciate the magic of the moment.

Today’s miracle is appreciating the magic in my life and for the first time, watching fireworks electrify the night sky with my precious boy in my lap.



  1. wow! Your blogs leave me speechless! My heart feels happy and sad at the same time!! I love the picture of Theo’s name…absolutely wonderful!! Keeping your family in our thoughts and prayers!!

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