Miracle Mondays – First Haircut

When you realize that contrary to the life you’ve envisioned for them, you will in fact not see your child grow up, a long list of missed moments floods your conscience. One of these, for me, was Theo’s first haircut – a simple but meaningful childhood ritual marking his transition from baby to boy. I pictured Mark and I helping him climb up into the barber chair and wrapping the cape around him, Theo grinning as his baby locks fell to the floor.

Instead, Theo’s first haircut occurred in the PICU when the sides of his head were shaved so that an intravenous line could be inserted into his scalp because a suitable site couldn’t be accessed elsewhere on his body. His second haircut occurred two weeks later when his doctors told us he would succumb to renal failure and encouraged us to take hand molds and have a lock of his hair removed.

This weekend, Theo experienced his third haircut and it was even more special than I envisioned his first would ever be. Seated in his father’s lap, he shed his baby locks and welcomed a handsome new look.

I don’t know if it’s typical for parents to cry as much as we did when watching their child’s first haircut but when you feel like you’ve been deprived of so much, sometimes the simple moments really do matter most.

Today’s miracle is the shedding of locks and the gathering of missed moments.



  1. Thank you for sharing Theo’s life story. I look forward to reading your blog and pray for your precious little boy every day. I’m hoping that there are many more happy “firsts” in your future.

  2. What a blooming cutie!!! LOVE the new look. He’s as handsome as his daddy. And it’s absolutely o.k to cry. There was joy mingled into those tears. And they weight at the feet of the King as we lift you all up in prayers for strength and healing. XO

  3. oh my gosh he looks so handsome and grown up!! We can’t wait to see you tomorrow for McHappy Day! xo

  4. What a big boy you are Theodore! And such a snazzy new haircut! Enjoy your birthday party! We will celebrate here too 🙂 xoxoxoxo

  5. What a cutie Theo is! Looking very handsome 🙂 Thinking and praying for you guys all the time!!!! Xxoo

  6. To My dear cousins…I have no words….just love and continued prayers for all that you are going through with such grace, strength and unbelievable courage. xoxoxo to all of you.

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