Miracle Mondays – Focus on Love


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart” – Helen Keller

They say that our eyes are reflections of our soul. Our eyes tell greater stories than our mouths ever could. They can speak of love, despair, hope, curiosity, fear and excitement. They can be open but not truly seeing and they can be closed and filled with vision. They can reveal our strength, our wisdom, even our experiences.

When Theo was initially assessed following his cardiac arrests, we were told that he was cerebrally blind and it was unlikely that he would ever see again. This was a hard diagnosis for us to process but I quickly reminded myself that sight does not define our feelings and our eyes are not the sole gateway to our heart. Theo’s disability means that he may not be able to see or communicate the way we do but he feels our hugs and kisses the same as everyone else and I have complete confidence that he constantly senses our love.

Since being discharged from the hospital, we’ve noticed that Theo responds to light, and in the last two weeks, his eyes appear to be tracking and following us more frequently. We are hesitant to interpret this change as a development in Theo’s vision and processing (as we’ve been told it’s difficult to diagnosis at this stage) but we can’t ignore this potential improvement either. Theo’s improved focus might mean that neurological connections are reforming (although we know the likelihood of this is rare) but if not, we are reassured that he will always feel our love clearly.

Today’s miracle is a greater focus on a love that cannot be seen.


  1. Baby steps indeed! With hugs, kisses and love you’ll continue to prove them all wrong Theo! Stay strong little buddy as I continue to think about you everyday.

  2. Each day, I take a moment to think about Theo and pray that your little boy continues to grow and receive blessings of healing. Nene can’t wait to hold you soon enough. Sending my love 🐶

  3. This entry made me well up with emotion. He can no doubt feel your ever lasting love.
    I received your card yesterday, it also made me cry. Thank you and know that I’m still thinking of you guys constantly.
    Love you

  4. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Every one of your posts touches my heart. God bless you and your little family:)

  5. My gosh, what a little trooper! I read all your blog posts – in fact, more than once as I am tonight and it’s clear that you have a fighter on your hands. He is pretty special and there is no doubt that his fighting spirit is fuelled by your love. I hope that even with all you have going on that you are feeling good and that your baby building is going well. 😉

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