Miracle Mondays – Easter Blessings & New Beginnings

We celebrated Easter with Theodore this past weekend. Mark and I will embrace the memories of these last few days forever.

Easter, the Christian celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, is often associated with new beginnings. Christ’s rebirth parallels the seasonal birth of spring – a time when the earth awakens from its slumber, promising of new life.

As we painted Easter eggs with Theo in our lap and participated in an egg hunt with his cousins by his side, I reflected on our family’s rebirth. As individuals we are constantly evolving and growing, our lives changing and adapting every single day and celebrating Easter with Theodore allowed me to reflect on the new beginnings (and new perspective) for our family and our son. Theodore couldn’t run alongside his cousins in the egg hunt but he enjoyed the fresh air and with his Dad’s help, his basket was never empty. We are living differently now but we are living life as fully as we can, embracing our rebirth along the way.


Painting and finding Easter eggs! 

Theo also participated in Swieconka with Mark’s family for the first time. This is a Polish celebration in which a basket is filled with symbolic food: eggs which celebrate the emergence of new life, as well as sugar, salt, bread, and meat, all which represent Christ’s life and sacrifice. The basket is brought to the church on Holy Saturday where it is blessed. Its contents are then shared with friends and family with blessings of good health and luck. We were initially hesitant to bring Theo to the celebration but his breathing was strong the entire time and our memory of this family tradition is one of this season’s many blessings.


Theo and his basket; blessings during Swieconka. 

Today’s miracle is our family’s celebration of Easter and its symbolism of new beginnings.


  1. I’m so glad that you were able to enjoy Easter with Theo. Thank you for your updates. He still has lots of people thinking of him and praying for him. Fight on little warrior.

  2. Great to hear Theo was able to take in Easter and celebrate in Mark’s family tradition! New beginnings bring on new discoveries – trek on Theo!

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