Miracle Mondays – Chariot Oasis



Theo loves going for walks and it’s one of the things I love doing most with him. As simple as it seems, this is my oasis. For the brief time that we’re out, he is completely relaxed and I allow myself to forget about the short time I have left with him and live completely in the moment. When we walk through the suburban neighbourhood, I am no longer a caregiver to my palliative son, I am simply a mom taking my little boy out for a walk.

Today’s miracle is a warm spring day and our chariot – a stroller that helps us live in the moment…and comfortably holds an oxygen tank!


  1. Wonderful to hear how Theo and Mom are discovering Mother Nature together. There will be many more chariot rides with Theo, Baby and Ruby. The warmth and sunshine shed healing. Follow Him, our lord with your chariot, for he will shower you with blessings.🌷☀️🌈☔️

  2. Glad to hear you’re out with Theo on a walk! I’m sure he’s enjoying the moment and sunshine just as much as you are. I must say you look cozy in there Theo!

  3. Thanks for sharing Ashlee. I find reading your posts very emotional but it is a blessing to be reminded not to take the small things for granted. Sammy loves going for strolls around the neighbourhood too! Enjoy the lovely Canadian spring! Miss you xoxo

  4. Thinking of the three of you everyday. Enjoy each precious moment with Theo. Sending you prayers and hugs to continue to find strength each day.

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