Adventures of Theo

The unfurled sheets on the cot next to Theo’s hospital bed, the empty coffee cups scattered on the bedside table beside the feeding pump, the hurried footsteps of nursing staff outside our door, the gentle hiss of the oxygen concentrator. These are the all too familiar reminders of the fragility of our son’s life.

Theo was admitted back to the hospital yesterday after suffering from several episodes of breathing apnea. We were certain we were going to lose him during the night but he has pulled through and seems to be breathing stronger this morning. He is being administered oxygen and with a portable machine now available to us, we’re hoping to head back home later this evening.

This recent hospital visit has emphasized the short time we have left with Theo and we realize now that we’re not living enough. It will not be easy but with a portable pump, suction and oxygen machines, we are not confined to the house. For the remainder of our son’s life, we will create as many memories possible not defined by Theo’s illness or limitations.

To start: planning Theo’s first birthday party. We never had the opportunity to celebrate with him because he was on life support at the time. Next: visiting the CN Tower and exploring the Toronto Zoo, two places Theo has never been. After that, our only limitation will be battery life.

Life is short and time truly is precious. Let the adventures of our precious Theo begin and let their memories endure forever.


  1. Theodore, you are truly one of a kind! So little yet so strong! I think and pray for your family every day. Please call if there is anything I can do to help. Sending lots of love your way!!

  2. Our little warrior is proving them wrong. Baby Theo has overcome so much and showing God also that he is a great fighter. You hang in there sweet little boy!!! Nene is thinking bout you all the time. Sending my blessings of healing and strength. Today….Lord, with each ray of sunshine, bless Theo and know he is being helped from above…….prayers for Theo and Zelek family. xoxo

  3. I am excited to hear all about your wonderful adventures Theodore! Enjoy every sweet moment you have together. We love you Theo!

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