Miracle Mondays – A Warm Embrace


I meant to post this last night but I didn’t have much time to step away yesterday. Mark left early Friday morning to take care of our house and Theo came down with another respiratory infection Friday mid-day – causing persistent vomiting, laboured breathing, sleepless nights and even more discomfort than he normally experiences. With Theo’s medical team’s support, we stopped his feeds, adjusted his medication, suctioned him constantly, and monitored him closely. I couldn’t leave his side and Mark anxiously kept a close eye on flight schedules.

I’m very happy to report that Theo appears to be recovering today: the vomiting has subsided, he’s back on regular feeds and has spent the last day sleeping comfortably!

I don’t know if we’ll ever fully adjust to our new life: having a chronically ill son who requires constant medical care and attention. But the physical demands of our new normal will always be easier to adapt to than the emotional demands. Sleepless nights will never compare to tired hearts. And, the emotional demands are always hardest for me when Mark is gone and I have to shoulder them individually.

So, when my Aunts showed up for a visit this weekend, the timing couldn’t have been better. Their hugs, hope and homemade cookies eased my mind (and stomach) and allowed my tired heart to rest.

Yesterday’s miracle was a warm, loving, embrace for Theo and myself when we both needed it most.



  1. Sorry to hear Theo became ill. I’m very happy to hear he is recovering well. Proof his body is growing stronger! Still praying for Theo every night! xx

  2. Praying always keep the faith ! ”Mark 16 ,17” Believers will be given the power to perform miracles ”in Jesus name.” be strong Ash and Mark ! I feel that your situation is much bigger than you could ever imagine.Theodore is a gift from God!

  3. What a great feeling it must be to be surrounded by loving people. I’m sure Theo loved their cuddles. I continue to pray for your sweet boy. He has a lot of prayers and positive thoughts coming his way from friends and strangers alike.

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