We’re slowly adjusting to life outside of the hospital. It’s been a more difficult transition than we anticipated– home care services are still being organized so in the meantime, Mark and I have been managing all of Theodore’s care. Theo needs constant monitoring and his schedule requires us administering medication every 2 to 4 hours, which means we’re receiving much less sleep than we did in the hospital. Transferring back home was definitely the right decision for us, and in due time, I’m sure we’ll have an appropriate schedule determined, but our illusion of the comforts afforded by home care has yet to mirror our reality.

Today is International Day of Happiness: a day to celebrate the happiness in our lives. Happiness is individually perceived and interpreted and means something different to each of us. Irrespective of your source of happiness, today is a reminder to savour the many happy moments surrounding us, even during the most difficult times.

Yesterday our little boy turned 14 months. Before I was a mother, I never quite understood why moms would measure their toddler’s age in months, rather than years. And, now I’m embarrassed by my ignorance. Our babies change so much each month and rounding their ages would deny the significance of their precious milestones from one month to the next. At 12 months, Theo was on life support. At 13 months, Theo was breathing on his own; his kidneys and liver functioning. At 14 months, Theo smiles, has regained some head control, and is showing improved swallowing and coughing reflexes.

I also measure Theo’s age in months because each month and day he’s with us is not only a milestone but a miracle.  His smile is the source of my happiness today and every day.



  1. always keep believing, as we never know what’s in store for us! Courage to you all! You are role models to many!

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