Miracle Mondays – Cousins Reunited

Theodore’s cousins came for a visit yesterday. They weren’t able to visit him when he was last at McMaster (because he was in PICU in critical condition) and I know this was hard for them. Their cheery drawings with get-well wishes have filled the walls of his hospital rooms at Mac and in Timmins. And, Theo’s warm-hearted 5-year old cousin, Luka, has asked the kids in his school and Sunday school classes to pray for his sick cousin. I know it meant a lot to us and to them that they were able to see their cousin again.

Today’s miracles are big hugs and sweet prayers from loving cousins.



    1. Overwhelmed with Joy. My whole church congragation has been praying for your little Theo and both of you. Still Praying for a full recovery as well. Theo looks Marvelous. He is truly a gift from God.

  1. how nice of his cousin’s. Theo looks happy. I will continue to pray for him not only to survive, but to live.

  2. Their love for Theo is so amazing. They were given the choice to do anything they wanted on Sunday and the only option for all of them was to visit Theo, Mark and Ashlee. You guys always have a hug ready for them. Theo is in their prayers when they wake up and as they go to bed.

  3. Theo is enjoying being surrounded by the love, fun and presence of his little cousins; you can see his enthusiasm. We continue to pray for all…..xoxo

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