Miracle Mondays

“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. “ – Albert Einstein

This quote is not a prelude to an existential debate.  Although some aspects of Theodore’s recovery cannot be explained by scientific reason, Mark and I both have science backgrounds and are grounded in the reality of Theo’s illness.

But sometimes I have days where I know my heart is closed or I feel like my life is becoming clouded by the misfortune surrounding us. And then I realize that I’m missing out on the goodness in our life. I’m missing the opportunity to openly allow optimism and appreciate the everyday miracles surrounding our family right now.

So, the miracles I refer to are not extraordinary phenomenon (though I welcome them too!) – they are humble moments of beauty and wonder that allow us to open our hearts and recognize our many blessings.


Today’s miracles are that recent diagnostic blood work came back normal, showing that Theodore’s kidneys and liver are functioning and there’s no sign of any infection. And, the Ronald McDonald House had a room available for us again so Mark and I can be as close as possible to our little warrior.



  1. Wow Theo you are AMAZING! Keep fighting tough guy! You are an inspiration to us all! Ashlee thanks for keeping us all updated and giving us a small glimpse into your lives. xoxo

  2. This is fantastic and wonderful and makes my day. I am struggling with some things in my family and THIS puts things into proper focus. I will pass along the wonderful news to all those who have been keeping your family in their prayers. And by the way… I am a Geologist. 😉

  3. Theo is a miracle! This makes my heart happy!!😊 Miles and I would love to come down and see you guys and your beautiful little boy…

  4. Hi Ashlee and Mark, We are so happy to have access to this amazing blog that you are sharing through. Thank you for allowing us this glimpse into your family and your journey. I have to say Ashlee, you are a gifted story teller from the blog entries that I have read. You are very articulate and I know your sharing is from the heart. I feel so privileged to be with you on this journey; what an honour to walk alongside of such a brave and courageous little boy and two parents who have showed such love, determination and compassion. My relationship with you both is very limited, but I do have such a special place for you all in my heart. I remember vividly when you all came to my home last summer as part of Mike’s summer team get together. Little Theo was getting wrestles outside and Ashlee you brought him into the rec room to settle him. You are an amazing mother whose love for her child is unconditional and it was an absolute joy to watch you caress and care so tenderly for him. I have not words to share with you that you haven’t already heard from others. What I do want you both to know however, is that you are prayed for daily and thought of often as well. Your story with Theo is unfolding and you are learning moment by moment of his needs and evolving condition. Its an organic season of change and I’m sure confusion and uncertainty at times. I expect too that there are some very dark and lonely times that can draw the breath from your lungs. All this to say that it is your story. A story that you have already started writing and sharing with others. What a beautiful gift to Theo, yourselves and so many of us who hold the story gently in our hands and hearts. Know that there is a community of love and support for you here in Timmins and I expect in Hamilton and many other communicates across the province. Stay close to one another, love up on Theo every moment of the day and reach out and take the hands of those extended to you. I am so happy to hear of the miracles that are happening; they are proof that there is so much more than us in this universe at work in our lives. Cathy Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2014 19:24:56 +0000 To: cathyann1003@hotmail.com

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