Theodore’s Story – Part 1

In retelling this part of Theodore’s story, I must warn that it may be difficult to read.

About 6 hours after arriving at the ER in Timmins, we were air lifted to McMaster Children’s Hospital. Theodore and I flew down together and Mark was lucky enough to catch a commercial flight that would land him in Hamilton only a few hours after our arrival.

My sister and her husband met us there and our parents and siblings arrived within the next few hours. I was asked to wait in the family waiting room until the team at Mac had Theo transferred and stabilized. An hour after we arrived, one of the nurses, with a sense of panic, rushed to get me.

She guided me to Theo’s room and I pray that what happened next would one day fade from my memory.

My view of Theo was obstructed by a group of doctors and nurses surrounding his bed. At the foot of his bed stood the pediatrician directing orders to his team like a captain instructing his officers. From the bed came the counting of chest compressions. Pulse check, demanded the pediatrician. Time, demanded the pediatrician. Epinephrine, demanded the pediatrician. And, repeat.

I collapsed in the doorway and couldn’t will myself to move. My sister, I screamed. Get my sister. The next thing I knew, she was by my side and a nurse was guiding us to a couch at the back of the room. I stared in shock while she held me tight, shaking and praying, Lord keep Theo alive. Time stopped.

We’ve got a pulse, said a voice from the crowd. I finally took a breath.

My son had just survived two cardiac arrests in one day. He had defied death again and with our little warrior’s unfathomable strength and will, it wouldn’t be the last time.


  1. Oh Ashlee and Mark…..our hearts go out to you!!! We pray that little Theo will continue to heal; May God Bless You!!! xoxo

  2. Hi,I am a friend and co worker of don and Laura. I just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Your little man is such a trooper. All my prayers are reserved for him. Stacey

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