Fridge Art


This picture now proudly adorns our fridge. I know – it’s a basic piece of white paper with scribbles of crayon on it. Pretty standard as far as kid’s art goes.

But it’s Theodore’s first and only piece of artwork, made at daycare exactly one week before he became sick. Theodore’s strength has been inspiring but we still have a lot of unknowns. Like how long he’ll be with us. Or, if he’ll ever have use of his hands again. So to us, this particular piece is extra special.

Yesterday, we stopped in at Theo’s daycare to collect his things and visit his teachers. Often, I find myself going through the motions of our new life – spending my days cuddled up next to Theo in his hospital bed – that I’m caught off guard by things that remind me of his previous life. I emptied his cubby, gathered his little running shoes (that he’ll never wear again), looked around the room (filled with other healthy children) where he used to play freely, and found myself in tears.

So when his teacher handed us this picture, Mark and I looked at each other with a sense of pride that only parents can have. We will cherish this picture and continue to pray that it will not decorate our fridge alone.


  1. There will be many, many more pictures for your fridge. Hold onto that Hope and you will see it realized. Praying daily for a miracle of healing.

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