Yesterday, Theo went on an adventure. Goodbye hospital bed, hello sunny halls of the Timmins hospital!


Loving his stroller ride with Aunt Brittney and Aunt Lauren!

My sister, who is also a nurse, arrived for the weekend. She spent every single day with us during our time at McMaster and I know it was hard for her to see us return to Timmins. She has been taking care of Theo and us – spending her days with him at the hospital and preparing meals when she’s back at the house.

Yesterday, Mark and I took a break from the hospital to go home and watch a movie together while my friend and sister stayed with Theo at the hospital. I’ve missed spending time together because we’ve been trading off our time at the hospital so one of us can go home and shower or let our dog out.  It’s when I’m home though, that I can’t control my sadness – our home is hauntingly quiet and absent of him. I achingly miss the things I used to complain about: our family room overrun with children’s toys and the annoying, repetitive sounds they used to make, the constant crumbs surrounding Theo’s highchair (no matter how often I seemed to sweep), the sleepless nights.

Now, I yearn so much to hear him cry at night. To walk into his nursery, pick him up from his crib and rock him in my arms until he drifts asleep.

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